After Noah…
A World Music Story From Armenia

Music from the Armenian Highlands…
Voice and traditional wind instruments in amazing duos…
In this album Armenian sacred songs and work songs called “HOROVELS” are side by side, emphasizing their common roots and symbolism.
Some studies show that Armenian monody comes from the early pagan period.
It is an original creation about my Homeland,which is one of the oldest centers of human civilization. This album is about all of us, irrespective of language or musical tradition.
It is about human beings-working, suffering, hoping, loving,believing, trusting …
Original idea, vocals, recitation, arrangement: Lucineh Hovanissian
In cooperation with Levon Tevanian : duduk, shvi, tav shvi, blul, pku, zurna.

Duration: 42'30"

1. Cart descending from Ararat
2. Lori’s ploughing song
3. Artsakh’s ploughing song
4. Pastoral from Van
5. Holy,holy
6. The morning of light
7. Armenian alphabet
8. Powerful voice
9. Vayk’s threshing song
10. Vayk’s “Horovel”
11. Bullock–cart song
12. God,have mercy
13. Call for sunrise

©Lucineh Hovanissian
Yerevan 2004

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