(project's demo track)

The project that I seek to develop encompasses new models of musical arrangement as well as the creation of "spiritual mysterias" based on the Armenian roots music. The musical fabric of this song includes a melody and rhythm that I derived, coupled with narration from the Armenian liturgy, from a sacred song of the 10th century.The lyrics come from the book of Ecclesiastes, as adapted by French authors.There is another form of synthesis featured in this song, in the combination of classical music with more contemporary rhythms. One can also discern the sounds of Mozart’s Requiem (“Confutatis”). These various musical languages come together to fulfill an objective: the creation of an uninterrupted fabric of spirituality, woven from the local, the global, the old, and the new.

Duration: 5'58"

Music by Lucineh Hovanissian
Words by book of Ecclesiastes

cut 1
cut 2
cut 3


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